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Driving Growth through Data

We help clients drive successful brand strategies to unlock growth

Why SpectrumR


In today’s disruptive era, businesses need help to achieve incremental growth. Rapidly evolving consumer needs, new business models and global digitalization have complicated marketing efforts.

To successfully navigate the new normal, data driven strategies is need of the hour. Gone are the days when information and research companies are viewed as suppliers of research findings; clients now demand strong partners who can help generate & translate deep consumer insights for crafting winning strategies. 


SpectrumR embodies this role and can help achieve your targets. With strong Consultancy ethos, Advanced analytical frameworks & TECH fused tools, we are uniquely placed to drive growth through data & provide a strong point of view on complex business issues.


We believe that the shape of information industry will drastically change in the next 3-5 years; we want to be the Catalysts and Game Changers. With expertise in Behavioural Science, Data Analytics (based on AI) & TECH fused research, we simply generate better consumer insights. We have a strong team of Consultants, Market Researchers, Data Scientists and TECH Geeks who understand the power of data driven marketing for landing successful strategies. 


We realize the pressure on business today to achieve leaner and faster innovation process. Faster go to market enables timely response in a highly competitive environment. Our Rapid Research tools cut down traditional research timelines in half without being cost prohibitive, helping clients move forward with confidence of insights.

Our Offer

Where can we help



 FMCG players are facing challenges of Global Digitalization, Rise of local competition, e-Commerce and Ever evolving trends. We work with our clients in the areas of Market assessment, Innovation Testing, Mix optimisation and Shopper understanding 

to successfully navigate this new normal.


We integrate Neuroscience, System 1 thinking, Tech and Behaviroul Science along the way to land strong insights & foresights. 


Creating an emotional bond is the biggest challenge faced by transactional industries. Coupled with rising trust deficit, Financial institutions are striving hard to connect at a deeper level with  customers. CX, Digital and Customer Journey mapping are critical business issues to stay ahead in the game.  


More & Better; that's what is the expectation from Telcos in this era. OTT, increasing connected devices, decreasing voice revenue and need for partnerships are all challenges facing the industry. Our Segmentation, Conjoint, Data Analytics, AI and Predictive analytics expertise can  immensely contribute to win in-market. 


With the rise of services like Uber and the ever increasing Oil prices, the Automotive industry is constantly pushing promos to ensure sales growth. The buyers journey is also changing due to greater access to information regarding features, warranty, maintenance, financing and servicing. Brand immersion is thus critical at dealerships, to enhance Customer Experience & win at the last mile. Our AR/VR tools as well as ability to measure in-the-moment experiences through biometric testing enables a strong feedback mechanism for our clients.

Fastfood  & Casual Dining

Ever changing hospitality landscape and cut-throat competition means constant innovation. This is one industry where the need to conceive and land new products at rapid pace is essential. SpectrumR has extensive experience working with fast food chains and Casual dining restaurants mainly testing products and conceptual ideas of eating spaces. Our Product Testing expertise help clients launch desirable food ideas & stay ahead of the game!

Public Sector

We help in Evidence led policy making by looking at citizens as taxpayers & users of government & public services. We help in areas such as Government Business Services, Public Facilities & Service Satisfaction, Public Consultations, Social Issues, Specialist Areas Development (ICT, Financial Literacy etc) & Public Awareness Programs. 

Some of our work

Global Brand Architecture

Defining brand purpose & positioning

A European Tableware brand was struggling with declining sales and an outdated image in several key markets. There was a need to fundamentally re-position the brand, re-engage consumers through an exciting architecture and clearly define the USP/image for the brand vs competition

SpectrumR Research Consultancy deigned a forward looking brand architecture, comprising of Consumer Insight, Key Functional and Emotional benefits, Brand values, USP and a simple yet impactful Tagline. The work was greatly appreciated  by the client and adopted for global roll-out across several key markets.

Ceasing Customer Attrition

Customer attrition rate was a big concern for the client and they were unable to identify which segments are causing this trend.

For such a business issue, we needed to identify possible trends in credit card data over time (monthly, Weekly, Daily etc..). We needed to construct different trends and to identify customer behaviour in order to treat them differently, size them and arrange a proper plan for them to grow with the and stay loyal.

Our AI offer VERTEX led our client to classify their customers, profile and target them with higher certainty and uncover indirectly channels of better communications  using Digital & CRM and rest of communication platforms. As a result, Retention team and retention systems were not bombarding heavily customers as they used to, as they would know who are going to stay and are receptive to activities and products.

Retaining Credit Card Franchise

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