About us

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OUR MISSION: To Unlock the Power of data for Exponential Impact on Business Growth

Gaining better insights to win in-market needs disruptive thinking. Relying on traditional methodologies will not achieve KPIs. That's why at SpectrumR, we are re-defining the future of insights.

As a cutting-edge boutique, we offer strong thought leadership, tech fused research innovation (VR/AR), proprietary analytical frameworks and actionable recommendations.

We offer a powerful blend of Data Science & Marketing Research expertise. With a combined experience of 30 years, our experts have helped clients unlock real life business issues across different Regions (Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia), Industries and Business challenges. 

Our Consultancy ethos is rooted in three key beliefs:

1. Digitized World: Today we have an ever-connected consumer; which means more informed and educated buyers. They have better decision-making power due to instant access to independent product reviews and experts, fluid purchase journeys and dwindling brand loyalty levels.


2. Data Proliferation: Today there is no dearth of data; it is widely available through various internal and external sources. It is critical for decision making. However, companies often find it very difficult to make sense of all the data points as there is rather a lack of internal expertise to drive value from this data.

3. Insights to IMPACT: Today there is thus a need to be more agile and nimble in reacting to consumer demands. Speed to market is critical and the traditional view of Marketing has revolutionized; Marketers are focusing more on three key elements; Data Analytics, Brand Strategy & Customer Experience rather than only Advertising & Communication. Clients now seek partners who can help answer business issues and drive the growth agenda. There is thus a need to identify the Opportunity or Threat much earlier; setting up an early warning system is Critical to protect Interests.

Critical to SYNC business strategies with consumer pulse. And Data will power this future consumerism…