Global Brand Architecture

A European Tableware brand was struggling with declining sales and an outdated image in several key markets. There was a need to fundamentally re-position the brand, re-engage consumers through an exciting architecture and clearly define the USP/image for the brand vs competition

SpectrumR Research Consultancy designed a forward looking brand architecture, comprising of Consumer Insight, Key Functional and Emotional benefits, Brand values, USP and a simple yet impactful Tagline. The work was greatly appreciated  by the client and adopted for global roll-out across several key markets.

Image by Andrew Moca

SME Segmentation

Pack of chips

Co-Creation of Flavours

A FMCG brand wanted to create a new flavour of Chips, which will have close consumer involvement. They wanted it to reflect consumer sentiments and be an instant success when launched. Given the exploratory nature of the exercise and required consumer involvement, an Online Community was proposed to have a rich dialogue and co-create the flavour with consumers. Two flavours were sent to respondent to try at home and then join an Online Link for discussion.

Learnings showed that consumers remain more engaged and responsive when discussion is conducted in the New Normal; Digital Space. From the comfort of their homes, these female and male respondents helped identify the sensorials that they liked and also the ones that need improvement. Various activities like consumer polls, gamification, emojis etc was used to get deeper assessment.

SpectrumR Research Consultancy was not only able to identify the winning flavour, but also proposed sensorial changes which will help enhance the consumer experience when consuming the chips. Other elements like packaging and availability of the product was also discussed providing a much richer narrative around the launch.

An international Health Insurance company wanted to make significant inroads in the Gulf market among SMEs, as the sector is destined to grow in the 2030 vision set by the government. In line with innovative delivery, the SpectrumR proposal was also presented in form of a website!

SpectrumR deployed an exploratory segmentation approach, moving away from the traditional practice of pre-defined segment parameters. This included Firmographics, Attitude of SME owners, Actual behaviour etc. A total of 6 segments were formed as a result of the exploratory segmentation approach, presenting a rich combination of various attributes. The segments were found to be actionable and provided rich insights about the impact of economic conditions on business priorities and health insurance coverage needs for employees.

SpectrumR also deployed A Hackathon style of workshop. Inspired by the Shark Tank, client teams worked on the propositions which were then pitched to a panel giving live feedback and recommendations.

Hair Model

Natural Space in Haircare

A FMCG player wanted to diversify its portfolio into the Natural space, knowing that the Natural/Organic beauty market is estimated to reach $22bn by 2024 (8-10% per year).

Since Personal Care is a well conversed category online due to high involvement and rapidly evolving trends, a Social Listening study was setup to provide a clear product development direction.

We adopted three steps for gathering insightful consumer conversations through Social Media:

1. Sufficiency Check: Ensure there is enough content online and identify search terms relevant to the topic. Collect data using our AI powered social media monitoring expertise.

2. Collating Unstructured Data: Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) Alogrithms, our system searched, compiled and synthesized the unstructured data to identify key themes discussed online and trends overtime.

3. Qualitative & Quantitative analysis and interpretation: Once an overall structure has been given to the data, we deep dived into the heart of conversations, to better understand what people were saying online and how to integrate this finding with pre-existing research data.

This study has showed that people in the country are driven by culture and hair problems. Previously, consumers were focused on changing the shape of their hair and using high performance products for styling, problem resolution and color locking. Over time, the society has started to celebrate its natural fabric and an element of pride has crept in.

Woman with Headscarf

CX Strategy Optimization

A client in Oman was interested in conducting a Customer Satisfaction exercise, as part of the Customer Experience department’s annual assessment program. The study was to determine how successful the bank has been in enhancing customer loyalty with the bank.

Although the requirement was a simple CSAT study, SpectrumR went a step ahead and presented CX for a more holistic experience evaluation. This included elements like Empathy, Future intention, Recommendation as well as Perceived Value. The solution was very much liked by the client and deployed for the first time on their business issue to get a more comprehensive assessment of customer experience.

SpectrumR CXOptimizer is a tool that maximizes the level of Repeat Purchase for products and services, through enhancing Customer Experience. It is comprised of 9 constructs that are interlinked together in a form of hierarchical linear relationship that pave the way to brand  loyalty and eventually brand repeat purchase. The result of the study was very insightful; the key recommendation was to focus on a different KPI than Overall Satisfaction as it drive Loyalty more i.e., Future Intention.  Having this KPI means that the bank will have a future proof strategy, not only enhancing current experience but also ensuring future revenue streams from the current customer base.

Two Delicious Hamburgers

Mix Optimization

A fast food client wanted to create new Gourmet Burger Dishes on the Menu. The research objective was to identify consumer appeal towards 4 types of Hamburgers (2 Beef and 2 Chicken).

Through a robust CPT exercise, we were able to deliver:

Clear prioritization on Concepts based on appeal on three key metrics; Relevance, Uniqueness and Value for Money

•Areas of concept where optimization can help drive customer resonance

Key Driver Analysis of product appeal as well as clear direction on what to fix by Product Optimization analysis

Customer conviction level of ordering the meal based on Implicit Reaction measurement

Facial Coding to identify emotional response to the served meals, beyond claimed feedback