Rapid U&A


Traditionally strategic studies (U&A, H&A,  Market Understanding studies etc) are disjointed and far too long , which is neither cost efficient  nor useful in terms of content. There is a lot of 'good to know' information; but do we need all this detail?

In this fast moving world, do we really expect consumers to provide quality data in a 60 minutes long questionnaire? And can marketeers afford to wait for 8-10 months to receive the results?

Writing on Glass

SpectrumR has designed an iterative learning system which helps provide information at regular intervals. It brings focus on the business issue and deep dives in only these areas to extract actionable insights.

Fun in the Rain

Our new approach  for Usage & Attitude Studies is Fresh, Unique & Cost Efficient.

We integrate Claimed Survey with Observational Tools (Mobile Enabled, In the Moment Usage) to provide deep consumer insights.