Shopper Research


With the Consumer and Shopper worlds fusing together due to Global Digitization of marketplace, there is a pressing need to better land innovations in-market. The Moment of Truth has become even more important and a strong linkage outside and inside store is critical.

We lay the foundation to reveal drivers of shopper behaviour, test out hypotheses, evaluate optimal packaging, shelf layouts and point of sale materials.

Our deep expertise in Shopper Research and data analytics means that we can help you effectively address the 360 degree view of Omnichannel shopper.

Path to Purchase with our framework of Triggers, Influences and Action

Behavioural & Passive Measurements

leveraging on non-intrusive principles

In-store Activation

assessment to determine impact on conversion

We provide robust, actionable retail and shopper insights for both brand owners and retailers.







Optimize Mix

Retailer Equity