Behavioural Science Application

Our Behavioural Science practice aims to determine the hidden drivers behind human decision. It draws from a number of different domains namely, psychology, neuroscience as well as cognitive science. Using these techniques, we are able to predict human behaviour much more accurately by looking at context, anchors and shortcuts our brain uses everyday to help make decisions. This eventually enables us to change behaviour. 

Based on Daniel Kahneman's psychological master piece (Thinking Fast & Slow), human brain is divided into two parts; Right Hand Side (System 1) which is more implicit, creative, impulsive & reflex while the Left Hand Side (System 2) which is more logical, calculating & reasoning. Most consumer decisions are Subconscious (System 1). 

SpectrumR deploys various System 1 techniques to measure Heuristics & Biases, Brand perceptions, Affinity and Product Concept associations to‚Äč identify emphatic convictions & possible interventions to influence decisions.